Thursday, July 31, 2008

Albums Of My Life

Considering today is a little on the slow side (for once), I've decided to trace back the roots of my life in an interesting way. Here is a list of essential records that came out each year of my existence. Starting with the year I was born and leading up to the present, these are my selections for the albums that define who I am and how I came to be. Some are a blend of what I appreciate now and what I was into that year. Hence, some embarrassment is probably in order. Take into consideration that not all of these are still my favorite. They just happened to be my favorite at the time. So, on that note, if you don't agree or have a different opinion, you can rightly go screw yourself. I regret nothing!!

1979 – The Clash - The Clash
1980 – The Clash - London Calling
1981 – The Stray Cats - Stray Cats
1982 – Michael Jackson - Thriller
1983 – Def Leppard - Pyromania
1984 – Bob Marley & the Wailers - Legend
1985 – Tears for Fears - Songs From the Big Chair
1986 – Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet
1987 – U2 - Joshua Tree
1988 – Journey - Greatest Hits
1989 – Garth Brooks - Garth Brooks (Bite your tongue)
1990 – Enigma - MCMXC A.D.
1991 – Pearl Jam - Ten
1992** Tie ** Stone Temple Pilots - Core & Dr. Dre - The Chronic
1993 – Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dreams
1994** Tie ** Weezer - The Blue Album & Live - Throwing Copper
1995 – 311 - 311
1996** Tie ** Dave Matthews Band - Crash & Tool - Ænima
1997 – Radiohead - OK Computer
1998 – KoRN - Follow the Leader
1999 – Guster - Lost & Gone Forever
2000OutKast -Stankonia
2001 – Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
2002 – Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
2003 – The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium
2004** Tie ** Arcade Fire - Funeral & Muse - Absolution
2005 – Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
2006 – Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
2007 – Radiohead - In Rainbows
2008** So far ** Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes & Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

Yeah, so there it is. If you wanna get in on the fun, then check out either this site or this site. They'll help you compile a list of your own.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Boats 'N Hoes

I'm really glad to see good ol' fashion, filthy gangsta rap is coming back in a big way, as clearly seen in this clip from the movie Step Brothers. With lines such as I'm a pussy pirate / My name is Jack Sparrow / Take off my pants / You can see my flesh arrow, it's hard not to recognize the pure genius of these two man-children. Look for big things to come from their new venture, Prestige Worldwide, a “multi-service” corporation specializing in such things as financial planning, talent management, catering, and live musical entertainment. Chuch!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Gnarls Barkley :: Who's Gonna Save My Soul

If you've ever had the unequivocal joy of being dumped, then this video is for you. Considering most of us HAVE infact been shit on at one time or another, most of you will immediately be able to relate. For those that have not had that feeling, consistently sitting in your tower and doling out the dumps to those poor souls who cease to have any heart, then fuck you very much. Enjoy your stay in the 7th ring of hell.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Man Man In The Streets

This is why I love Man Man. Not only do they walk around the streets of Paris like a fucking mad carnival let loose, they get the crowd involved all the way. These guys continue to put on one of the more impressive shows you can hope to see.

Courtesy of La Blogotheque - Check out the site for more clips of the band.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight Turbo Pwns Box Office

If you're one of the three morons in the U.S. that didn't see The Dark Knight this weekend, then you need to seriously get your priorities straight and go see the damn movie right now. It's one of the only times that you'll truly find a picture actually live up to all the hype and raving madness. It's THAT good. If it were a cocktail, it would be a bacon martini. If it were a mythical creature, it would be a giant, winged gorilla with the claws of a velociraptor, the head of a serpent and the breasts of Athena. It makes House Party 1 look like House Party 2. Not only did it make 158 million dollars in the U.S. alone this past weekend, but from what I understand, it also took in 467 billion* Canada.
The acting, the story, the sets, the action...everything is amped up in this one. I heard that when Chris Nolan finally finished the film, the heavens split, and God looked down upon the film and said "You are my finest Creation above all else." And it was good. It was sooo good.

*Figures are rough estimates

Monday, July 14, 2008

Radiohead :: House Of Cards

Radiohead just released their new video for House Of Cards, and just as you would assume, it's pretty amazing. You may have to watch it a few times just to appreciate it fully, especially considering the fact that the video was entirely shot WITHOUT cameras or lights. It's all just data recorded using lots of fancy devices that my pea-sized brain is incapable of comprehending. Watch it here, and be sure to check out the extras, including a "how'd they do that" short and some nifty data visualizations to play around with. Then you can go eat lunch.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hell Ride > Citizen Kane

This looks incredibly trashtastic. I have to see it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You Gotta Love Harvest Time

I feel like I'm getting a little juicy right now.