Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking News: Tom Cruise Has Overdosed On Crazy Pills So, this is a video that has been circulating around different news sources, and evidently it's so out there that the Church of Scientology has even tried to cover it up. If you can understand a single notion he puts forth, then you my friend are truly special. That, or you're just as freaking looney as ol' Tom. After listening to this incoherent rambling of crazy, interspersed with maniacal giggling, be prepared for the slight trickle of blood that may leak out of your nose and/or ears. Couch jumping aside, I normally tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but this puts him on a whole new level of bat shit. The 'Mission: Impossible' theme music throughout was a nice touch however.

Here's fellow actor George Clooney's take on the affair.

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movie apo said...

Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but I found this funny little roast of Tom Cruise on youtube. The poster has probably already gotten a cease and desist letter from the scientologists.