Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guerilla Advertising to the Extreme

You ever feel like saying something, but then think twice before saying it? Or ever get the urge to laugh at something hysterically even though you know you're on a one way bus trip to hell for doing so? I just saw this clip from the O'Reilly show, and had to share. As someone who works in advertising, this is incredible. The fact that these even got out amaze me. It all centers around a crudely humorous viral video website called, which is basically a guy dressed as an omelette, walking around with a dwarf named Hashbrown, completely going off on shit in the world that pisses him off. I'm not kidding. If their goal is to get people talking and notice, then damned if they haven't exceeded those expectations.
Sometimes in advertising, there's a line that you sometimes should or should not cross. Often times it's blurry, and differing opinions of what's funny and what's just plain wrong sometimes skew. As for me, I just have to laugh! Can we not just lighten up a bit as a society for once? I mean...damn. That shit's funny. I don't care who you are.

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Queen of Awesome said...

I want to work at that ad agency. Now.

They would totally sell "it's Asian!"