Monday, February 4, 2008

Breaking News: Scientists Discover Alternate Universe In Phoenix, Arizona

For the 3 people in America who didn't watch the Superbowl last night, the New York Giants pulled off an unlikely defeat of the New England Patriots in what might be one of the biggest upsets in the game's history. Considering no one gave the Giants a chance in hell of beating the seemingly invincible Pats, Eli Manning (yes, you read that correctly) and his Giants rocked Tom Brady and Bill Belichump all the way back to Beantown with their heads in their hands. Latest reports have scientists observing the Phoenix area for wormholes and/or other-worldly dimensional portals, as such a victory is seemingly unheard of on our normal plane of existence. Stay tuned for the latest.

Of course, Carl saw this coming all along. Here's his analysis of how the game went down:

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