Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The General Has Left The Building

Bobby Knight has finally, unexpectedly, called it quits after almost 43 years of coaching men's NCAA Div. I basketball. His career consists of 3 National Championships with Indiana, where he's an icon, 5 Final Four appearances, 28 NCAA tournament appearances and most of all, solidifying his legend as the all-time wins leader with 902 victories. Coming from a Red Raider, all I have to say about this is: whoopty-freaking doo.
Who cares? I'm not taking anything away from the guy. He was an incredible coach, maybe one of the best of all time. Not to mention he brought a lot of attention to our university and probably made some less than stellar players far better than they dreamed. But he was also an enormous asshole who commanded respect with an iron fist. However, if you played for him, you knew this going in, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. That's who he was, and for every guy that bitched about him, there were 20 ready to back him up. The team hasn't been doing so hot this season, but they're young. He turns the team over to his son Pat (whom I've heard is much more mellowed-out and accommodating than his father) with 10 games left in the regular season. This may turn out to be a blessing or a curse on our team, but one thing's for sure. His legacy will remain in college basketball and the South Plains for all time.

And now I give you the Top 10 Best Bob Knight Soundbites:

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