Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Listening Station :: Bon Iver

Sometimes, a record is quietly released, with little to no marketing. Slowly, gradually, it ends up on a lot of people's radar, gaining glowing reviews and positive word of mouth behind the increasing hype. Bon Iver is the epitome of this story. What started out as a solo project for Justin Vernon, with a small, self-released album, For Emma, Forever Ago, increasingly became noticed around the music community. A musician with exceptional skill and songwriting prowess, he decided to take a break from it all by escaping to a small hunting cabin in the woods of Wisconsin last winter. Through those 4 months of isolation, Vernon was struck with an unprecedented need to create, writing and recording material that was a departure for the artist. Fittingly, he dubbed it Bon Iver, French for "Good Winter". With its over-dubbed, haunting, falsetto delivered lyrics and beautiful arrangements, it echoes with a soul and character that one normally doesn't find everyday. Luckily, For Emma is being re-released, and has steadily become an internet sensation, appearing on many blogs (case in point) as a "buzz band" to watch this year. This may be one artist that can actually back it up.

Skinny Love
– mp3
For Emma – mp3
Blindsided – mp3

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