Thursday, February 21, 2008

Murder By Death :: The Best Band You're Not Listening To Which You Should Be

With so many bands out today, sometimes it's hard to know what you should keep an eye out for, and what you should just avoid at all costs. Luckily, ol' Craig is here to tell you about one you must check out. Murder By Death is a group hailing from Bloomington, Indiana that conjures up images of a long trek across Death Valley, bottle of whiskey in hand, with the Devil hot on your heels. Mixing both hauntingly eerie Southern gothic orchestrations with dark and often times sneering lyrics, the group excel in creating an atmosphere one would find in another time. After a listen, you can't help but feel the trials and tribulations that plague the characters throughout their ethereal stories. Luckily, the group is about to release their fourth full-length album, entitled Red of Tooth and Claw, out March 4. Definitely for fans of the Decemberists, Man Man, Devotchka, Arcade Fire and Dante's Divine Comedy. Here is the first single, Fuego, off of the new album, followed by a couple of other favorites.

Fuego – mp3
Dynamite Mine – mp3
Rum Brave – mp3

Here's the group's video for the song Brother:

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