Friday, February 15, 2008

Weekend Concert Series

Looks like another pretty great weekend for music around Dallas. Here's what's on the bill:

The pAperchAse @ The Sons of Herman Hall - Friday night
Local favorites the pAperchAse are making a rare live appearance at the Sons of Herman Hall this Friday night, and if it's anything like their previous performances, it should be one hell of a time. With a sound described as eerily dark and demented, these guys blow away the audience each and every time. John Congleton's unique voice and disturbing lyrics, combined with the frantic, staccato instrumentation, will keep the creepy crawly's lingering throughout the set.

We Know Where You Sleep – mp3
Said The Spider To The Fly – mp3

Bang Camaro @ the HOB: Cambridge Room – Saturday night
You ever feel like rocking out hard with a bunch of your buddies, getting drunk and pumping your fist to the music? If the answer is yes, which it damn well should be, this band is for you. Bang Camaro is a supergroup from Boston, Mass. that gets the party going wherever they happen to be. Consisting a group of guys from different bands, they have only one goal: To rock your f*ckin' face off. You laugh now, but wait till you experience the majesty of arena rock in a small club environment. If they're good enough for Guitar Hero, then by God they're good enough for your sorry ass. Throw those devil horns up, because it's time to thrash.

Push Push (Lady Lightning) – mp3

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