Friday, August 15, 2008

Kermit Has Hit Rock Bottom

It was bound to happen. With the Muppet Show finally being canceled in 1981, the cast had to go their separate ways, and many just drifted off into obscurity. Fozzie Bear attempted a somewhat successful stand-up career, but eventually resorted to doing voice over work for a local public access show in Des Moines, Iowa. Gonzo became a regular on Dutch reality show Stüpit Müpit, until being busted on charges of possessing inappropriate photos of children. Rowlf the Dog had a brief stint with the new wave rock band Devo, but was kicked out for artistic differences. Miss Piggy, was spotted in the 8 Mile district of Detroit turning tricks for crack in '88, but has since been spotted doing snuff films in Vegas under the guise Ivana Pork-a-lot. However, none was hit harder than the proverbial leader of the gang, Kermit the Frog.

After 5 years of super-stardom accompanied by a lifestyle of money, women and drugs, it all came crashing down. The icon was gone in a flash. Through the years, Kermie has made several attempts to stage a comeback, but each time, failure seems to rear its ugly head. To help with the catharsis on the matter, he's decided to put his anguish and pain into music, covering classic artist's material. An extensively trained musician, it's no surprise he's able to take these songs and transform them into something as powerful and raw as they sound.

Indeed, the tides may be turning for the old Frog, as life seems to be welcoming him back with open arms.

Check out his site for more songs and videos.

Creep - Radiohead (as covered by Kermit T. Frog)

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