Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jay-Z :: On To The Next One

Jay-Z's new video for "On To The Next One" might just be the dopest video I've seen in awhile. It takes the hip hop video genre into a whole new realm, with stark black and white images coming at you in groups of 3's. Was that a crystal skull getting doused in black paint? A sneaker overflowing with white paint? A dude vaguely resembling the Joker? 3 bullets? 3 milk jars? What the fuck is going on? Is it high concept art? You bet your ass it is. Hova, we salute you.

1 comment:

stobie said...

sick dude... tho i heard it out the other night... got alot of jersey shore arm pumps... almost killed the song for me... but i looked passed that.