Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Greatest Show On Earth

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have now witnessed quite possibly one of the greatest spectacles to be seen in this lifetime, and it was good. Very good. For those that may not have heard of the force known as Gogol Bordello, do yourself a favor and find their albums immediately. Then listen to them over and over again. That funny feeling in your leg? That's just the extreme euphoria taking over your body as you listen. These guys brought down the house last night here in Dallas and succeeded in doing what not many bands have had the honor of doing, and that is breaking into my Top 5 Best Concerts In the History of the World....Ever! Welcome Gogol, and enjoy your stay. You deserve it.

Wonderlust King - mp3
Start Wearing Purple - mp3
Think Locally, Fuck Globally - mp3

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