Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Man Man :: Rabbit Habits

Have you ever gone to a concert, ready to see your favorite act storm the stage and play those songs you love, and show up in the middle of the opening act's performance? Who hasn't? But has that opening band ever left your mouth agape, completely blown away by what you just saw, leaving you with a yearning for more? That's exactly what happened to me the first time I witnessed the manic, quasi-Vaudevillian style of Man Man as they opened up for Modest Mouse.
This Philadelphia, PA bred five-piece blends an exuberant, carnival-like gypsy-punk aesthetic into their sound, with a stage show that has to be seen in person. Wearing all white and donning "war paint" on their faces, these guys get the entire place rocking, whether it be a small dive with 30 people hanging around the stage or an amphitheater filled with hundreds, all foot-stomping and hand-clapping to the music. It's hard not to smile when watching these guys. With their eclectic use of varying instruments and phenomenal harmonizations, Man Man are set to take the main stage where the rightly deserve to be. Thankfully, their brand new album, Rabbit Habits, should do a fine job propelling them into the big time. Have a listen, and be sure to catch these guys live. You won't be disappointed.

Top Drawer - mp3
Black Mission Goggles - mp3
Van Helsing Boombox - mp3
10lb. Mustache - mp3

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