Friday, June 19, 2009

St. Vincent Is Good At Music

The lovely Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, played to a hushed and thoroughly awed crowd last night in Dallas, proving once again that she's pretty good at this whole music thing. Playing hits such as "Marry Me" and a kick ass solo version of "Paris Is Burning", as well as new hits "Actor Out Of Work" and the slowly building raucous jam "Black Rainbow", it was a night sure to please for everyone in attendance.
She's like that cute, quirky, artsy chick you knew in high school - the one that you weren't too sure about because she was always sitting by herself at lunch writing sonnets or some shit, but something about her was so mesmerizing. With those looks and that voice, combined with her shreddin' skills on the guitar, you can't help but have a little crush on her. Unless you're attracted to lazy trolls who play the clarinet, in which case I don't want to be around you. Ever. That's just gross.

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